Transition 89

sound: @c (
length: 5'47'' - format: 16:9


Transition 89 is a new audiovisual work by Lia and @c. Based on the composition "89" by @c, Lia has created a visual transcription of the sound in HD 16:9 format.

The complete soundtrack "89" was created during an artist in residency programme in the villages of Nodar and Fujaco (part of the Magaio cluster of villages in central Portugal). The audio piece incorporates the aural experience of the ecological, architectural and cultural contexts of the region, the residents of Fujaco participated directly through the usage of their recorded voices.

In Transition 89 LIA has taken an excerpt of "89" and, using her algorithmic engine and her knowledge of realtime performances, has created a subtle, graceful and delicate audiovisual composition. The constant structural mutations during the film – which triggered the title – are not only a reflexion on the compositional processes but also a comment on the nature of ecology, social and cultural dynamics.