Shapes, expanding / rising / rotating

Shapes, expanding / Shapes, rising / Shapes, rotating

Three applications for the FRAMED device

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First four photos by FRAMED Gallery (thanks!)


Lia's algorithmic composition series FRAMED/Shapes simultaneously fosters computational autonomy and operator interaction. Residues are left on-screen from the continuous motion of *shapes* that are affected by internal forces and optional user input, creating emergent temporal compositions in the FRAMED device. The resulting ever-changing images are reminiscent of Orphic cubism: they are procedural and highly abstract, and at the same time thoroughly colourful. These endlessly varying compositions have distinct traits that make the entire FRAMED/Shapes series one of Lia's finest creations in her long career in computer arts. The component shapes perform scaling / rising / rotational movements, depositing visual residues that express expansionary processes.

Text by Miguel Carvalhais,, 2012

FRAMED device

1270mm x 741 mm x 741 mm
55’’ LED Ultra Clear Panel
Full HD 1080p
1080 x 1920 pixel