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Mind and Matter - paraflows .10
Vienna, Austria
2009/09/09 - 2010/10/10

Share Prize Exhibition 2009 -
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Turin, Italy
2009/11/03 – 2009/11/08

Share Prize Exhibition, Turin, Italy, 2009
+ THANKS to the organizers for such a lovely Festival !!!




Mind and Matter, Vienna, 2009




Exhibition Text: Share Prize Exhibition 2009

Proximity of Needs develops an interactive, generative, audiovisual system that endlessly cycles through sets of parameters, generating animations that in their turn generate final visual compositions. Once the piece gets to this point, however, it almost immediately fades away both image and sound, overlaying their traces with a new composition, in an endless cycle that plays with retinian persistence, and focus on the impermanence of digital images and on fleeting wishes and the motivations that draw us towards them.

List of Artists: Share Prize Exhibition 2009

Ernesto Klar/ Convergenze parallele, USA/Venezuela
Lia / Proximity of Needs, Austria
Andreas Muxel / Connect, Germany
Francesco Meneghini-William Bottin / Sciame 1, Italy
Ralf Baecker / Rechnender Raum, Germany
Random International - Chris O’Shea / Audience, UK

Exhibition Text: Mind and Matter

Going into its 5th year, the paraflows festival in Vienna will focus on the interconnection between the programme and the object. Information technology is based on the distinction between hardware and software, and more often than not both systems are treated and discussed as independent of each other. paraflows .10 – MIND AND MATTER seeks to put on display how hard- and software, content and object in contemporary art not only co-exist, but also condition and shape each other.

What role does hardware play for media infrastructure – how is the net set up, what are the real pillars on which virtuality rests? How does the sculptural process look like, from a technological point of view? What are the effects of technological prospects on physical representation?

What are the challenges that digital art must face, when it comes to conserving its works? Additionally to the applications in question, the corresponding hardware needs to be preserved as well. But how does time affect technology-based works, their conditions of production and their archives?

Mind and body are inextricably tied to each other, yet we are tempted to regard mental processes as independent of their bodily basis. Can thoughts, personality or intelligence exist without a body? Or how does the aesthetic image of technology relate to its context, what kind of interconnections are made?

List of Artists: Mind and Matter

Celine Berger
Siegfried A. Fruhauf
Agnes Fuchs
Daniel Hafner
Roman Kirschner
Peter Kogler
Annja Krautgasser
Lynn Hughes, Heather Kelley, Alain Thibault, Geoffrey Jones
Julian Palacz
Niki Passath
Arnold Reinthaler
Gerold Tagwerker
Christoph Theiler
Peter Tilg
Jane Tingley
Nina Tommasi
Marius Watz
Herwig Weiser
Zelko Wiener
Eva Wohlgemuth