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Further Processing / Steirischer Herbst
Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria

Arti Et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Commissioned by

Kunstverein Medienturm

Curated by

Marius Watz


Further Processing presents central positions in generative software art, which are created by means of the programming language "Processing" (Open Source). This award-winning software has been developed by C.E.B. Reas and Ben Fry and is available free of charge for everyone interested. By means of "Processing", visual and sonic projects can be developed, being basis for further development of the programming language and the artworks within a - potentially open society. This "author-based program" makes possible the generation of interactive applications and is the basis for the audio-visual installations, animations and videos that are presented in the exhibition. Further Processing is based on a continuous artistic discourse, of which the effects are reflected on a aesthetic, technological and discoursive level.

List of Artists

Pablo Miranda Carranza
Fabio Franchino
Ben Fry
Golan Levin
Mark Napier
C.E.B. Reas
Karsten Schmidt
Martin Wattenberg
Marius Watz