Filament Sculptures

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30 blog entries about the whole research process were published between February and March 2014.

Credits for the video
Music: Notebook (piano52project, week 12) by Richard P. John,
- licensed under a Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
Titles: Miguel Carvalhais


i explored the behaviour of a 3D printer and its filament (developing my own software in the process) to create a new kind of sculpture, native to the medium.

behaviours discovered:
1. surfaces can be continuous or chaotic
2. lines can be rigid or organic
3. filament can be closely controlled or let free to find its own form

construction methodologies:
1. "strings and blobs"
2. letting filament pile up on itself
3. under-constrained wall-building
4. natural collapse

4_ outcome
series of sculptures are discovered by exploring the parameter space of a base model