AEC Facade – seek

interactive, generative Software Art Application

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Commissioned by

Ars Electronica Center
AEC facade installation

Concept and audiovisual programming

Lia and Miguel Carvalhais


Seek is built in two interconnected parts: crossing the online experiences and the facade piece projected in Linz, Austria.

Autonomous elements in the facade are occasionally locked to the movement of corresponding objects in a piece being accessed online. The facade thus lingers on the data gathered from one or more running instances of the online piece, modeling its behaviors from this data.

Although outputting different visible results, both pieces — online and facade — are in reality separate halves of the same piece, built on the same algorithms, therefore coexisting naturally.

was opened on June 15th 2004.


software resources:
Macromedia Director
Macromedia Flash Communication Server

FCS setup and global assistance:
Helmut Hoellerl/Futurelab