Exhibition: Poetic Codings

Exhibition of iPhone/iPad applications
PhiLia 01, PhiLia 02
and Sum 05

Poetic Codings
curated by Jody Zellen
Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA, USA
2013/01/26 - 2013/03/30

poetic codings website
Fellows of Contemporary Art



List of Artists

John Baldessari
John Carpenter
Jason Lewis
Erik Loyer
Casey Reas
Jeremy Rotsztain
Rafaël Rozendaal
Scott Snibbe
Jennifer Steinkamp
Jody Zellen


"Poetic Codings" is an exhibition that explores the relationship between art and technology. Through flatscreen displays, projections, interactive installations and iPad apps it also addresses the differences between public and private viewing experiences. Many artists today embrace technology and find ways of integrating it into their practices. While their visual displays and artistic goals differ greatly; their processes of creation share numerous similarities. The exhibition posits that the experience of interacting with a digital work in public is vastly different than sitting back and navigating a work on a mobile device. Apps are contained and fill a small screen. Installations are often immersive environments. While the graphic elements and animations can be similar in both formats, how the viewer interacts with the artwork is very different. When viewing an interactive installation or projected video one is aware of the presence of their body in relation to the work, how their shadow may or may not interrupt the projection and how their movement in the space changes the interaction. Even when looking at a monitor, the viewer can move in closer or back up, changing the scope of view. When interacting with art on a mobile device it is a private experience more often than not, where one can loose themselves in the complexity of the interaction without regard to the architectural setting and placement of the work.

While numerous exhibition have presented code based works on monitors and as interactive installations, this exhibition is one of the first to juxtapose wall based works with those made for mobile devices. The goal of presenting them together is to suggest that apps are indeed viable works of art and should be considered as such.

On the walls will be works by: John Carpenter, Casey Reas, Jeremy Rotsztain and Jennifer Steinkamp.

John Carpenter is a Los Angeles based interactive digital artist and designer. He will be creating a new interactive work for this exhibition that continues his explorations of natural systems and complex data and spaces.

Los Angeles based Casey Reas' generative software pieces undulate and transform indefinitely. As the code moves through the stages of the algorithms, shapes and colors criss-cross on the screen creating overlapping patterns. For "Poetic Codings" Reas will present a new monitor based work.

Jeremy Rotsztain will present "Action Painting;" an adrenaline-filled abstract expressionist painting that was composed by transforming popular sequences from Hollywood action flicks into digital gestures. Jeremy recently relocated from Los Angeles to Portand, OR.

Jennifer Steinkamp, best known for her immersive room-sized installations, will be represented by a small work from her "Dance Hall Girl" series. This projection, just 15 inches high off the floor features kinetic flowers that appear to move like dance hall girls gyrating their slender stalks, tossing their heads back and forth.

The artists making artworks as apps include: John Baldessari, Jason Lewis, Lia, Erik Loyer, Jeremy Rotsztain, Rafael Rozendaal, Scott Snibbe and Jody Zellen. These projects range from the poetic to the narrative. Some have game-like interactions while others offer ways to distort images. All of the apps are available in the app store and while they will be on view in the gallery, viewers will be encouraged to download them to their own devices.

text via http://www.jodyzellen.com/poetic_codings

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